This App is a perfect Communication Solution

ChitrChatr Users can obtain one or more Phone Numbers from over 65 countries. Incoming Сalls can be forwarded to any other Phone Number.
When Сalls are received – whether the subscriber is on or offline – all Сalls can be forwarded to the User's Specified Number.
Cheap International Calls to Mobile and Landline Phones around the world!

Free Solutions — download and use the App, make Free Calls. Effectiveness — Multiple Communication Instruments, Social Networks Aggregator and Email Sync.

With ChitrChatr you are always up to date!


ChitrChatr features Chat and Video Calling, Group Messaging, Conference Calls, and Text Services all for free. Our Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP) allows users to communicate with another CUUCP user by Instant Messaging, Audio or Video Conference Calls.


Once you sign into your Social Networking Accounts you are able to Chat with all of your Networks through ChitrChatr without having to switch from one Social Platform to the next.
A truly All Inclusive Application.

One of the most unique Features with ChitrChatr Text/SMS will be when you reply from your Forwarded Number, the recipient will receive your actual SMS Number instead of the Cell Phone Number from which you have forwarded from.

Get Virtual SIM Card!
Get a Real Number in any of 65 countries. No SIM Card and no limit, cheaper than anywhere else. Get the Number in 1 minute.

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Cheap International Calls to Mobiles and Landilines. Save Roaming charges. Low cost International Calling Plans to Mobile and Landline Numbers. Sending SMS to your Contacts


Mobility — The Platform is designed to save traffic, battery and provide a quality and high speed Connection. Usable from any Platform: iOS, Windows, Android.

Virtual SIM is a technology that helps you to feel comfortable in any country. You only need to order number and you can make calls from both the phones at the best rates without paying roaming and physical SIM card.

Use the application to do business.
Virtual SIM, Email Sync & Fax, any communication tools - all in one application. All the information at hand

New business solutions from CHITRCHATR

Phone Numbers

Get a real number in any of 65 countries

Email Sync & Fax

Access your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook accounts. Send and receive Fax

Groups and Video

Group Chats and Calls, Video Conferences and Video Meetings