Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have downloaded ChitrChatr, a prompt will immediately show up on your screen asking to import your Contacts from your phonebook. You can add all of your Contacts, or select the few you wish to be linked with on ChitrChatr. You can also import your Contacts from Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN and other Platforms and choose who you would like to connect with.

It is our mission at ChitrChatr to be compatible with every messaging app that is out there. As the marketplace is changing and new free messaging apps are becoming developed each day, we are unable to link every application instantaneously. Message the ChitrChatr Team if you have suggestions on international messaging applications you think we should add.

Once you download The ChitrChatr platform, you will not be required to download any other platform. Our Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform (CUUCP) would merge the different calling and texting applications into a single ChitrChatr server.

You will simply go to your preferences on your home screen and add/delete, or edit any messaging service ChitrChatr currently has in its platform.

Yes, you can customize your messages by changing the font in which you receive or send messages. You can also change the color of the box where your messages appear, allowing you to more easily distinguish who you are talking with.

You will be able to download, instant message, chat, send and receive emails for free. If you do not have a ChitrChatr phone number and wish to call a telephone or send a text/SMS, you will pay a very competitive rate/long distance charge for this service from your credit.