ChitrChatr Communications Inc.

About Company

ChitrChatr Communications Inc. (CHICF) is a Comprehensive Communications Platform in multiple languages for worldwide distribution. You now have an amazing opportunity with ChitrChatr transforming the world of Technologies and creating New Communication Solutions.

The ChitrChatr Platform consolidates all your communications into one Application. Users can make and receive Voice Calls, send and receive Text, Fax, Instant Messages, Emails and integrates with all your online Social Networks. Contacts sending you Messages from other Platforms such as Facebook, Google etc. (up to 135 platforms) will all appear on your ChitrChatr Platform; no need to change Apps. You will be able to reply to them from within ChitrChatr regardless of the sending Platform and ChitrChatr will continue to send the Message until it's delivered since many people have many Apps open simultaneously.

Enjoy All-in-One Communication Solution!